A Creative Europe project 2018–2022 in collaboration with The European Union.

Europe Beyond Access gives you the opportunity to see even more innovative international dance in Skåne. The project will support European disabled dance artists by creating opportunities for professional development within dance and choreography – and recognise the importance of inclusive performing arts practices in the development of dance as an artform.

As a dance institution Skånes Dansteater has for many years been ground breaking by including a diversity of bodies on stage. Through Europe Beyond Access this work will continue to develop and deepen. We will be able to enjoy guest performances, unique collaborations and activities such as dance workshops and talks.



The project Europe Beyond Access gathers a multitude of dance artists and stretches across Europe. See a preview of the collaborative artsist and activities in the project's introduction film.

See Europe Beyond Access' intro film here on YouTube


Europe Beyond Access is co-funded by The European Union's Creative Europe program.