Skånes Dansteater is continuously working towards developing and challenging dance as an artform. One part of this work is our annual festivals or conferences examining and exploring different aspects of dance.

Due to current conditions regarding international travels and exchanges we have had to postpone the planned festival DansFunk 3.0. This festival will be held autumn 2021 instead.

This autumn we will focos inwards instead examining dance and disability from a professional perspective in a one day conference.


Friday November 20, 2020

A live stream online conference on dance and disability.

In 2012 Skånes Dansteater began a journey towards a more inclusive dance scene with the festival DANSFUNK. The festival was to become a pivotal moment internally as well as on a national level for a wider discussion around the question of “Who does the stage belong to?”. We scrutinized existing structures and future possibilities and in several places around Sweden changes towards more inclusiveness were made.

Many great initiatives have happened since then and several strategies set in place towards a greater inclusion within dance. On November 20 2020 we would like to gather the dance industry once again with the aim of joining forces and begin the journey towards creating a manifesto for the future. To create a more inclusive stage, as many voices as possible need to be heard - choreographers, dancers, policymakers, producers, dance development officers to name a few.

Welcome to DansFunk Professional Development Day!



The DansFunk Industry Develpment Day is available online.

Follow this link to watch the lectures, presentations and discussions: link to DansFunk 2020 on Skånes Dansteater's Vimeo



Manifesto for inclusive performing arts: Focus Dance

National cultural strategies, policies and frameworks that need to be developed in order for a more inclusive dance scene.

Seminar with The Swedish Arts Council, Holland Dance Festival, Oriente Occidente, British Council and Share Music & Performing Arts.

An evolving dance education

An inventory of how dance education has evolved for disabled dance students. From early education through to university.

Seminar with Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola, Share Music & Performing Arts, Sigtuna Kulturskola, Stop Gap Dance Company and Högskolan för scen och musik, Göteborgs Universitet.

Who dictates the conditions for artists?

How do we create possibilities so that disabled choreographers and dancers develop artistic leadership on their own terms?

Seminar and discussion with Kate Marsh, dancer, choreographer, researcher; Madeleine Månsson, dancer, choreographer, Skånes Dansteater; Sindri Runudde, freelance dancer, choreographer, and Emilia Wärff, dancer, Danskompaniet Spinn.

Programming and curating dance

How can Swedish presenters and producers with the support of the signed UN Human Rights convention, develop a sustainable agenda which enables our audiences to gain access to performances by and with disabled dancers and choreographers?

Discussion with Spinn Dance Company, Producentbyrån and The Swedish Arts Council.