Internationella dansprogrammets residens i Malmö

Skånes danskollegium - Dansstationen, Skånes Dansteater, Rörelsen and Danscentrum Syd - have since 2009 an ongoing collaboration for international residencies in Malmö for choreographers. The project receives support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, as a part of facilitating the internationalization of the Swedish dance community.

Each residency lasts between 3-6 weeks in three different studio spaces and is shared between the organisations mentioned. Resident choreographers are also given oppertunities to show work in progress in different scenes in Malmö.

For future information about the recidency please visit The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's homepage

Follow the artist's progression throughout their residencies on Dansstationen's blog

The purpose of the residency programme is to create a long-term program, similar to Iaspis (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Program supporting international exchange for practitioners in the areas of visual art, design, craft and architecture) which also has an operation in Malmö: We want to give international choreographers an opportunity for research in Malmö without obligations to produce and at the same time supply the regional dance communitynew insight and inspiration through the meetings the residencies generate.

Future residencies

2020, Nov-Dec:Chiara Bersani (Italy)

Previous residencies

2019, Jan: Claire Cunningham (UK) and Sindri Runudde (Sweden)

2018, Nov-Dec: Nadi Gogoulou and Natalia Baka (Greece)

2018, Jan: Maura Morales (Cuba/Germany) and musician Michio

2017, Nov-Dec: Silvia Gribaudi and Matteo Marchesi (Italy)

2017, Jan: Aoife McAtamney (Ireland) and Catarina Brazao (Germany)

2016, Dec: Emma Murray (New Zealand/Switzerland), Johanna Hilari (Switzerland) and Petra Hrascanec (Croatia)

2016, Jan: Navaridas & Deutinger; Alexander Deutinger (Austria) and Marta Navaridas (Spain/Austria)

2015, Dec: Laura Aris (hemsida www.emberprojects.blogspot.com)

2014 Nov – Dec: Claire Cunningham (Glasgow)

2014, Jan: Peter Jasko (Slovakia/Belgium)

2013, Nov: Sun-A Lee (South Korea) in collaboration with Pierre Yves Diacon (Switzerland)

2013, Aug: Wendy Houstoun (Great Britain)

2012, Nov-dec: Rodrigo Sobarzo (Chile/Netherlands)

2012, Jan: Héla Fattoumi (Tunisia/France) and Eric Lamoureux

2011, Nov-Dec: Kaori Ito (Japan/France)

2011, Jan: TalDans- choreographers/architects Filiz Sizanli and Mustafa Kaplan (Turkey)

2010, Nov: Franziska Aigner/Busy Rocks (Bruxelles/Vienna) in collaboration with visual artist and sound designer Mathias Windelberg (Bruxelles/Vienna)

2010, Jan-Feb: Michael Jahoda (USA/Netherlands)

2009, Nov-Dec: choreographerErna Omarsdottir (Iceland/Belgium) and musician Valdimar Johannsson.


More information: Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s website and danceprogrammalmo.wordpress.com