En dansare i blå och vit randig kostym lutar sig bakåt mot tre dansare i guldmasker som håller honom i armar och axlar.
En dansare i rödrandiga hovkläder sitter på ett färglatt spelliknande golv med tre dansare som lutar sig bakom henne och håller sina händer på hennes axlar.
Kids & family Performances
27 April

Danslördag: The Game

A dance performance inspired by young adults' experiences of anxiety, a guest performance for audiences 10-13 years by Danish Holstebro Dansekompagni.




In the dance performance 'The Game' you are guided together with four dancers, like pawns in a life-size board game, through the game of life by a game master. Inspired by the lived stories of young adults today the, the performance is based on the demands and anxiety many young persons live with today. The performance and the following post-show talk with the dancers explores ways to relate and manage different types of pressure and anxiety. 'The Game' takes on the issues of young adults in a genuine way, creating space for their grand imaginings and experiences.


Bobbi Lo Produktion, consisting of choreographers Lava Magnusson and Michael Tang, have been celebrated for their inventive and intuitive performances for young audiences. In autumn 2023 they premiered 'THIS IS NOT A RELIGION' a co-production with Skånes Dansteater.


Kids & family Performances
27 April
Skånes Dansteater
10-13 years
Fyra dansare i färgstarka kostymer med krås och korsetter tittar åt samma håll.
Tre dansare med guldmasker för sina ansikten håller sina händer runt ansiktet på en annan dansare.