FRamför tre andra dansare lutar sig en dansare i glansiga ljusa kläder fram med händerna på golvet och tittar drömskt uppåt.
Kids & family Performances
24 February

Danslördag: LOOP

Welcome to a world inspired by Surrealism, children's drawings, video games and time machines when Regionteater Väst performs choreographer Nicole Neidert's whirlwind of a creation 'LOOP'.

Join a peculiar group of punk-pop characters on a mind trip where logic has lost its footing and time blows to wherever it pleases. 'LOOP' is a world of its own challenging the rules of reality, where dance bends time and space, embracing any and all possibilities of fiction.

'LOOP' celebrates our imagination and the power of dance to take us farther. What happens if we ignore the order in which things should happen, and how bodies move? Is it real? Is it a performance or a surreal dance concert? Does time move forward or backward? Don't tell anyone: 'LOOP' can be anything you want it to be.

Welcome to a world inspired by surrealism, children's drawings, video games and time machines!


Nicole Neidert has been working as a dance artist since 2012. Her creations have shown at Skånes Dansteater, SPIRA Kulturhus and Malmö Konserthus. Nicole was awarded the Birgit Cullberg Stipend 2021.


Kids & family Performances
24 February
Skånes Dansteater
From 6 years
40 mins.
En dansare i mörk t-shirt, short och solglasögon står i grönt ljus och snurrar sina armar likt propellrar.

This is exactly how playful the choreography is. It resides initially as individual expression within the dancers. In arms, in torsos, heads and legs. All the dancers are wonderfully mobile, and with the sweet connection to the audience the urge to move spreads. Everything resounds in the room, is echoed creating new whirls in everyone, the audience included.

—  Göteborgs-Posten