Dansaren Dina Hamida.
29 October

Queer Fusion Belly Dance Workshop

A part of the Indigo Flamingo monthly workshop series for the LGBTQIA+ community in Malmö – Fusion Belly Dance with Dina Hamida, in collaboration with Malmö Pride.

Due to illness the Voguing/Waacking workshop has been moved to Nov 26 and the Fusion Belly Dance workshop has been moved to Oct 28.

Explore queer spaces and movement in this Fusion Belly Dance workshop. Fusion Belly Dance is a fusion of movement principles and elements of various styles, mainly Raques Sharki, the Egyptian origin, and other Urban or folkloric styles. In this workshop we will have a short introduction to the style and try different fun combinations. 

Indigo Flamingo is a year-long project in which Malmö-based choreographer and dancer Gwyn Emberton is looking to celebrate the two communities of his (fairly) new home city of Malmö, LGBTQIA+ and dance.

Starting in October 2023 and going right through to Malmö Pride 2024 Gwyn is hosting monthly meet-ups at Skånes Dansteater on the last Sunday of the month as part of the project Indigo Flamingo. Each meet up is a place to hang out, fika, dance, explore queer movement and a space to share experiences of being part of the LGBTQIA+ community in Malmö in 2023/24. Each workshop is led by a queer dance artist in different styles such as belly dance, vogue, Swedish Folk dance and contemporary. If dancing isn't your thing, you are just as welcome to come for the fika and meeting up only.

About Dina Hamida
Dina Hamida is a Russian-Syrian contemporary performer, certified stretching instructor, and photographer.

Her movement practice is primarily based in Fusion Style Belly Dance. The experience of living as a queer woman in both Russia and the Middle East is evident in her artistic work. By interlacing her cultures and love for electronic music, she explores movement in her own way. Dina has been teaching and performing in both Skåne and abroad.

Free admission, snacks included.

Sign up
Sign up for the workshop by email to indigoflamingo@skanesdansteater.se or call/text 0730-35 79 84.

Good to know
No previous dance experience is required.
The workshops are held in Swedish and English, but we will help with translation.
Wear loose fitting clothes that you feel comfortable moving around in, if you can avoid heavy fabrics such as jeans. We dance in socks or barefoot.

29 October
Skånes Dansteater
16-110 years
3 hours